Jason – Shovel Build for Sale

I haven’t posted regularly in a long time. I also hadn’t been to Jason’s shop for like 2 weeks. Well I went yesterday and out of no where, he’s got this Shovel near done and it’s for sale! Someone is going to get lucky and pick this up. If you are interested, you better contact Jason before he decides to keep it. When he’s in the zone the results are clear, you know this bike is going to be solid. Check out some pics.










Wanted – Inline springer handlebars

Just missed these on JJ. If anyone has a set they want to part with let me know, hon@throttlefmc.com. Thanks!


Photo stolen from Jockey Journal.

WANTED: 18″ Kelsey Hayes

Looking for an ORIGINAL 18″ Kelsey Hayes rim to be laced up to a star hub. Preferred original paint or black powder coat, weathered and patina is great. Let me know if you have anything hon@throttlefmc.com, it’s for my 45 project so it must be runnable. Thanks!



Throttle. X Adam Nickel Colab T-shirt now on Sale!

It’s been on my mind for the longest time to do some kind of shirt for the blog, couldn’t figure it out until now. I’m so into 45′s at the moment that I thought an old vintage racer illustration would be great place to start and who better have do the illustration than Adam Nickel. I first saw his work on the cover DicE 28 and then on all the fantastic artwork he’s done for Born Loser.

If you like the artwork, I’ve had it screened on 4 different color tee’s, Black, Dark Chocolate, Navy, and White – you can get them here: throttlefmc.bigcartel.com. Get them while you can, be receiving orders through the week and mailing on Fridays. I’ll drop some off at Jason’s place for the local guys who want as well.

Hope you all like the way they turned out as much as I do! Email me if you have questions, hon@throttlefmc.com.








For Sale: Honda Hornet

My buddy Al has got one of his trusty daily rides up for sale. Please see what he has to say about it below or better yet, email him with any questions at: backside180fthat@hotmail.com, he’ll be riding it to the Soul Seekers show for anyone that want a first hand look. He also passed along some other cool pics, thought I’d share. Check it out.

“It’s a 2004 Honda 599 a.k.a. Honda “Hornet”. It’s a reliable and fast street weapon but also designed with long haul ergonomics in mind. My longest day on it is 1212kms!!! I’m riding it to Soul Seekers so if anyone wants to check it out in person it’ll be there.
I’m looking to sell it or possibly trade for an Evo Sportster if the opportunity presents itself.”


“As far as the other pics go…..that was just some stuff in the garage that I’d never pieced together. Looks kinda neat. BCS plunger frame, swap meet springer, and a tank I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. To bad I don’t have the Triumph motor to go in there.”



WANTED – Preunit Rigid Inner and Outer Primary Cover

If anyone has a RIGID Triumph preunit inner and outer primary cover from the early fifties (50-54) in usable condition and would consider selling, please let me know, info@throttlefmc.com. If it’s a set that would be great, if it’s just the individual inner or outer that is o.k. too. Any help would be appreciated, shoot me an email and pics of possible. Thanks!


Pic from JJ while searching, hope I grabbed the correct shot.


Mike D from Born Loser’s latest definitely is a factory preunit rigid setup.

Jason – 1962 Pan – Lowrider – FOR SALE (SOLD)

Wow, Jason went for the Lowrider Style with this one and nailed it. It’s for sale too. Let me know if you are interested!

For Sale: 70′s Triumph Engraved Covers (SOLD)

If you want them go here or contact Jason for more info.





For sale: 79 XLS Sportster – SOLD

Someone is going to be very lucky, stock 79 XLS Sportster with a JPRC motor rebuild. Contact Jason (thglyf@hotmail.com) for all the details. You know you want it.






FS: Amen Saviour Plunger – SOLD

Off old vintage sporty. Want it? Let me know, Jason is selling.