EPICLY LATER’D – Max Schaaf, last little bit

VBS.tv, last segment for Max Schaaf.

Nice MC at Coolbreakers some year ago

What at set up! That’s my goal! Got the ironhead done, sort of, still want a mag era one . . .


Akemi XLCH

Cool bike, nice short wheel base and tank set back. Akemi from youtube fame for kick starting xlch and knucklehead, go check it out, cool vids if you have not seen.



Thanks Jason & Dennis!

These are not glamorous shots, but they mean a lot to me, bike back at home now, thanks to Dennis and Jason.





Inspiration – Jason Jessee Shovel

Chatting with Jason about what’s next. Something tight like this with a narrow springer would be perfect! I’ve always loved this bike. Saw some recent pics of it on the blog circuit for Hard Core Choppers. Downloaded this pic a few years ago, can’t remember from where, but it’s a Japanese publication as well.


Inspiration – Obsession to details

These are sick, the japanese guys kill it again, this time with models. I can’t remember which blog I grabbed this from, it was a strange name. Nice details on these models. Anyone know where I can get a kit? Might be good for winter since my bike is done for now.






Another cool tank for the JPRC collection

Jason showed me this cool Wassell with some funky fiberglass molding from the 70′s, nice piece to add to the collection.







Last shots of my bike at JPRC for a while

I think I got the kick start procedure down today. Some final bending of the kickstand helped keep the bike stable for me. Bike sounds great, last thing to do next spring will be to clean up the wires and cables a bit. Great feeling thinking to have the bike back at home soon.





Jesse’s 62 XLCH still?

Can’t remember if I posted this bike before, I saw it before the pipes were changing and looked for more shots of it. I found a post on 4Q that mentioned the bike was on sale. I grabbed these photos off the bay and the description below. Reserve wasn’t meet. Beautiful bike. Is it still Jesse’s?






Description from the bay:

It’s in great running condition, fires first kick every time! Fast and fun to ride, shifts smoothly and rides like a sweet chopper dream. This is a kick start only bike that took a year and a half to build with only the best parts.

Sportster frame with weld on hard tail that is nice and straight with clean welds. 18″ stock rear rim and brake with a fire stone 450. Wassel ribbed fender, stainless steel fender struts, Beautifully worn bates seat. Wassel peanut tank that’s painted in HOK purple haze. Super narrow Arlen Ness springer front end that has been shortened. Homemade T- bars made with 4130 chromoly steel that are super narrow and fun to ride. The front wheel is a shouldered 21″ 40 hole Ankrot rim with Bucannon spokes and spool hub. Front tire is an Avon 2.75 that is super narrow and super rare. It has some cracks from old age. little unknown head light that shines bright but could use some work. Tail light is there but is not hooked up. The oil bag is a Sportser Horseshoe, kinda rare.

The motor is a 1962 Sportster XLCH that has been rebuilt by Pat Stevenson of Solsbyvill. It’s tight and runs strong. Fires off first kick every time. It has a new clutch, new barrels, new oil pump, all new gaskets,bearings, bushings, pistons, rings and everything that goes in a rebuilt motor. The magneto has been freshly rebuilt. The carburator is a kehin with the sweetest little GEM air cleaner. The cases are polished and the pipes are homemade. Bike has fresh oil, fresh plugs, and a new oil filter.

Friday Closeup

A headlight for me is one of the hardest things to decide on, I’m pretty good about sticking to a vision but the headlight is something I’m o.k. with changing if you find the right one. I love the one I have now, got it from Kirk from billetproof. I think it’s a fog light off a truck. I saw a few guys on JJ using it and then on one of the Ace Motorcycle Ironhead cafe bikes. That did it for me. I had to have it. Feels really solid in your hands and has those 3 nice grooves on each side that kind of match my paint. A lucky find for me.


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