Inspiration – Restored in less than 4 months

Wow, this bike turned out amazing, I posted it in its before state some time ago. Check the Show & Go Cycle Shop blog out for all the details!
Dave Kirkland’s Show Dragbike

Post #500 – Friday Closeup

Wow, I have to get a life! Post #500. Thanks everyone for stopping by to check out our scene here and how I see it from my eyes. One of Jason’s Knuckle heads with a reflection of me and my point and shoot!
Thanks to all the photographers and blogs who I’ve poached photos from, you all rock.

Born Free 2 – Proud Sponsors

This is going to be one great show. Check out all the sponsors, 55 in total. Very happy to be part of this group and to be able to help out all the way from East Coast Canada.

Inspiration – It doesn’t get any better!

Baker’s Shaker is blowing my mind. Read more Josh’s full story on the history they’ve discovered on Kemosabe and The Lodge.

JPRC – long bike details

Split Rockers, nicely done.


Cell phone pic

Cleaning up the garage yesterday and couldn’t resist (and running out of things to post at the moment). Looks like there might be one more cold spell on the way and then spring!

Moving along quickly

I wish my build was making the same progress as this model, they are hauling on it over at Here’s an image of 18r and 21f.

Zero Big twin flathead

Wow, I have not seen this bike. Posted by Nobbi at Full Throttle or Bust blog, came accross it while on the Greasy Kulture blog yesterday.
pic from Nobbi @ 2005 Coolbreakers Yokohama

Ironhead Digger frame find by Dave

Dave at Detriot Bros picked this frame up for one hundred bones. He posted up at JJ, looks to be a Ron Finch creation. Man, I’m hot on my 45 racer build but when I see stuff like this . . . wow, very cool.

Tony Nancy Upholstery

While chatting with Jason the subject of Tony Nancy came up.

Scan from
Dean’s seat, photo from DicE blog
Scott Craig’s Scallywag.

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