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Out Riding - Enjoying the weather

September 04, 2015

Really enjoying riding this season. Out as much as I can be on the panhead or the ironhead.  Continue Reading →

4Q Conditioning - Blog - up and healthy

August 26, 2015

I'm very guilty for not posting much over the last few years. I remember how this blog was my outlet several years ago. Technology and convenience changes things but I still do keep an eye on my favorite blogs, like Max Schaaf's 4Q Conditioning. Always a few jems and wise words to look forward too still. Photos from Max: Continue Reading →

Born Free 7 - still absorbing

July 03, 2015

I'm still combing through all the social media a week later after Born Free 7. I missed it again but am enjoying all the great photos that are circulating. They look fantastic and more importantly the vibe from the show looks amazing. I look forward to going in person again one day. Here are a few great shots from @josegallina off of his speedmilk site. Great job. I'll be collecting and posting more photos I come across from the show over the next few days as my brain settles and registers it all.  Continue Reading →

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