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EJ Cole - 1947 WR

March 23, 2015

Ben from Australia asked if I had seen this bike, EJ Cole's 1947 WR. I looked it up, I'm in love . . .  photos from: Continue Reading →

Motors on the go at JPRC

March 13, 2015

It always amazes my how Jason can keep it all together and continue to bang out so much quality work. He's just one guy, building bikes, motors and doing some fantastic fab work. Here are some photos of motors on the go, I think there are about 15 - 20 motors on the go at once right now.. .  Continue Reading →

Jason's Shovel

March 13, 2015

Jason's wicked shovel, will be off on the road with it's owner soon. Glad that it will be around town.    Continue Reading →

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