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Mama Tried Motorcycle Show

November 17, 2014

Oh, how I'd love to attend this, the Mama Tried Motorcycle Show. Please support . . .  Continue Reading →

JPRC - Old parts - Second Life

November 15, 2014

Jason's always using his skills to give old parts another chance. Check out what he did with some Harley Springer pieces he had and some radius rod he got off ebay some years ago. The rods were rusty chrome and on another springer. He straightened them up on the lathe, stripped the chrome with a grinder then spent a few hours sanding and polishing. He then made some tapered sections to fit inside the new legs, then made the outer cover sleeves and finished them in silicone bronze to give a brazed look . . . going to be 8 inches over stock and have a new life on a cool chopper, what do you think?  Continue Reading →

Stance Works - LARRY FITZGERALD’S 1949

November 15, 2014

Always dreaming of a hauler to have one day. Always in love with Chevy 3100's. Came across this one on Stance Works. Great photos, and the off colored front passenger fender reminded of a truck near my parents place I used to see and like until one day it was sold and gone . . .  Continue Reading →

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