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The Race of Gentlemen - I love this event

October 23, 2014

I've been drooling over all the new photos on The Race of Gentlemen website, check it out. Here are a few I borrowed, I'm not sure the exact photo credit or websites of all the photographers, if anyone knows please share with me, they are as follows: Jimmy McTernan, Cicero deGuzman Jr. and Mike Spock. Amazing work guys, please support this event.  Continue Reading →

Mike's Shovel - Almost there

October 20, 2014

Check it out, Mike's shovel is coming together, I stole this photo from him from his instagram (@mrderboto). I posted a few weeks ago some of the great work that Jason did on this bike, the awesome fabrication and motor build. Looking great guys! Just the plumbing left . . . looking forward to riding along side this one.  Continue Reading →

$1.6 Million USD Easy Rider

October 19, 2014

The Captain America bike from Easy Rider went for $1.6 million after auction fees this weekend, I saw the news from Paul at thevintagent blog. Here's the webplate of the bike below he took last May borrowed from his site. More here at LA times.  Continue Reading →

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