September 21, 2009


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Jason's new tank

Jason had his buddy Mathis James whip this up for him. Looks sharp. I'll get his contact info for anybody looking to get some paint done. redtank_jprc1.jpg
September 20, 2009


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JPRC - more Knuck shots

Great note that Jason leaves on top of the motor: jprc_knuck_2.jpg jprc_knuck_1.jpg jprc_knuck_3.jpg More about this motor here.
September 18, 2009


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Wayne Engineering Frame - Now @ JPRC

Jason got a tip from a buddy that there was a stock pan frame about an hour away. He hauled butt over, not a stock pan frame but a wicked Wayne Engineering single loop frame. Now back at his shop. jprc_wayne1.jpg jprc_wayne2.jpg jprc_wayne3.jpg

My bike at Jason's (JPRC)

Here's 2 shots of my bike on the lift at JPRC. Work to commence soon. hon_jprc_1.jpg hon_jprc_2.jpg
September 16, 2009


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Off to see the Greasy Little Fucker

Stopped by Jason Parker Race Cars tonight to chat about next steps on my bike. Had a chance to get up close with the Greasy Little Fucker as well. Lots of cool details on this Jason build. Always a pleasure dropping by to JPRC. Will be sleepy tomorrow at work. Post pics of my bike tomorrow. jprc_shop1.jpg greasy_little_5.jpg greasy_little_4.jpg greasy_little_6.jpg greasy_little_1.jpg greasy_little_2.jpg
September 02, 2009


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Can't wait to see this one done

Jason will take over the world soon! Check this VL roller out, stayed tuned for more. vlframe1.jpg

Never thought I'd touch these

Always nice surprises to be found at Jason's. I saw these on Max Schaaf's blog, 4Q Conditioning, in February. He posted Chico's message about finding these. Very cool fibreglass tank and fender painted in the late 60's. Had a chance to checkout the set first hand. fibreglass_2.jpg fibreglass_1.jpg fibreglass_3.jpg

Hon's bike at Jason Parker Race Cars

Got the bike out to Jason's safe and sound, thanks Tom and Dave ( dsc07033.jpg

My camera sucks at night

Point and shoot doesn't work so well at night. Loaded up the bike and headed off to Jason's place late last night. Jason and Zac will be doing some work on the motor. dsc06996.jpg dsc07010.jpg

iPhone photo of Jason's Pan & his 47FL motor

Got Jason Parker's blessing to post any photos of his stuff that I have. This is a quick iPhone shot of his wicked Pan in progress, I took it when he wasn't looking, tried to be all cool and not drool over his stuff, but couldn't resist, will post more soon. Will be over there next week. jprc_pan_1.jpg Jason's knuckle, read more about it at Chico's blog, Geographical Oddity - jprc_knuckle.jpg