Almost 10 years ago, I fell in love with vintage Harley Davidson Bobbers and Choppers. I was drawn to the mechanical beauty, the feeling of wind in my face, the smell of burning oil and the perseverance required for me to take “boxes of parts” and create my dreams.

A few years later, I started Throttle. blog. An outlet for me to document my thoughts and a channel to connect with fellow enthusiasts. I’d found a way to show the community what our small group of friends was up to, and a platform to share the way I see things from my eyes.

Thanks to everyone that has supported me by picking up a Throttle. X Artist Collab tee shirt, commenting on posts, sending notes, photos, and has tuned in regularly over the years.

Please stay tuned as new developments are always around each corner. As long as it feels “right”, I will continue to share how I see “it” and the works of who I admire.

This blog is my therapy.

Toronto, Canada