October 19, 2009


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Adam Nickel - www.kilowattkat.com

Adam Nickel (illustrator for the recent DicE 28 cover) dropped by the blog, he let me know that he's updated some content on his site, check it out www.kilowattkat.com. His artwork is really cool. adamnickel1.jpg
October 18, 2009

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Inspiration - Spread from Street Chopper Aug 2007

This shot did it for me in 2007, the tire clearance on Max's bike really got me thinking. inspiration4q1_0.jpg

Old Gullwing Jason Jessee ad

October is here, Halloween is around the corner! jasonjessee1.jpg

Hosoi - 1981

Yes, 1981, oozing more style than I will every have in a lifetime. hosoi2.jpg hosoi3.jpg
September 25, 2009


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DicE 28

Got my DicE 28 in the mail last night. Cover is great. Artwork by Adam Nickel. dice28_1.jpg dice28_2.jpg dice28_3.jpg

DicE 27 - Got it in the mail!

I'm psyched to have my bike in Dice 27. Thanks to Zac for building it, Stony Smith from Oddball Kustoms (www.oddballkustoms.com) where the build began and for all his help from day one, parts and assistance, Tom Fung for the photos, Jaymes for the paint (bluemoonkustoms.blogspot.com), Jason Parker for all the stories and parts (www.jasonparkerracecars.com), Chuck from Mayfair Plating for the chrome (will find the card and post soon for everyone in the Toronto area), DicE and everyone else that helped! hon_bike_1.jpg dice_selection-41.jpg hon_bike_2.jpg hon_bike_3.jpg hon_bike_4.jpg

DicE #27 Release Party in Vancouver, Canada!

Nice artwork by Motrcycho. diceasterdazefinal-1.jpg Would love to go, but that would be a long shot right now.
April 15, 2009


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My brother moved to Japan ...

I do miss having him around but . . . I like these too. Thanks bro. When's the next batch coming! mags.jpg
April 04, 2009


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Dick Allen & Sugarbear stuff

Still trying to find out as much about the springer I picked up. Here are some ads and photos that were sent to me and that I dug up on the web. ad_dick_allen2.jpg (more…)