My first board - can't find it

I'm on a hunt for my first board. I know it's some where at my parents home. A Jeff Grosso, blocks Schmitt Stix. I loved everything about it. This image is not mine, it's one I found on the web. I had a red stained deck, with trackers, red copers and the Powell 3's? The big huge wheels. Just like in this pic. Except mine is in much better shape. You know, first board, very gentle with it and the graphics and all. Oh well, it's killing me, I know it's somewhere in my parents home, I will find it! grossoblocks.jpg

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matt moffatt
matt moffatt

September 18, 2014

i was searching for a usable image of the white Schmitt Stix Jeff Grosso for a tattoo, and instead i came across a thrashed image of my older brother’s ACTUAL deck. HA awesome… i thought the Anarchy logo was pretty tuff when i was 10!

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