JPRC Shop bike

Managed to drop by to hangout with Jason this afternoon. Checked out the progress on the shop bike. Lots done in a short period of time but still more to do. At first I wasn't sure when Jason told me him was going to put on an Alien tank, but it looks good. Once he removes a few more things, gets the Pan heads on, this thing will be awesome. Jason tossed it together with what he calls junk around the shop! Here's a few photos of where it stands now, can't wait until this one gets done. Got more pics and will post them over the next few days. jprc_shop_bike22.jpg jprc_shop_bike2.jpg jprc_shop_bike1.jpg jprc_shop_bike21.jpg

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September 18, 2014

Man that thing looks insane… I gotta drop by this week and see it in person. Jason is THE man.

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