June 12, 2010


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Born Free 2 - Garage Company, thanks Yoshi and Kiyo

My directions aren't the best so I was a little nervous grabbing a rental car myself and getting around town in LA. I lucked out though, Garage Company is really close to LAX. I've wanted to go check have a look even more after I heard they moved to this new bigger location. Yoshi and Kiyo, thanks for the hospitality and letting my stick around late. See you guys at the show tomorrow. garage_company_card1.jpg Kiyo's knuckle is awesome. He's a really humble guy who puts together some killer bikes. garagecompany1.jpg Famous wall of lids. garagecompany2.jpg True WR tanks! Yoshi has 2 sets. Treasures! garagecompany4.jpg garagecompany3.jpg More to come for the next few weeks on this visit to Garage Company. I took many pics. Make sure to drop by if you are in LA, you won't be disappointed.

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