July 14, 2010

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Kiyo - "Sick Nick's" 65 Pan

Kept in touch with Kiyo at Garage Company, he sent me some photos of his latest build. It's awesome. Sick Nick's 65 Pan. Kiyo did the motor, tranny, fab and assembly. It turned out amazing! Here's Kiyo's own words: "this bike is my customer's "sick nick's" dream bike. i`m so glad he loves this bike. we really had fun to build this, he came to shop once a week for 6~7 month. last 2 months, everyday....., he had a lot of ideas that i didn`t want to do. but when done, he was happiest guy in the world, and he said " sick ", maybe ten times. i thought he is sick....anyway, finally we finished bike. i love this bike and good luck lovely sick nick!!!" - Kiyo dscn0301 dscn0305 dscn0320 Everyone knows this tank, Nick got it from Yaniv at Powerplant, Kiyo didn't know the exact details. Originally made by Jesse James in 2002. dscn0313 dscn0308 dscn0309 dscn0295

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September 18, 2014

any idea where you can pick up one of them fancy helmets?

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