August 15, 2010


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Larry's Trumpet

It's cool to see more nice bikes being done locally. Larry from the Bottom Feeders sent me pics of his new bike. Looking good Larry, can't wait to see it on the road! Larry sent me some details about the build. Larry was originally thinking to do a Harley build but was randomly checking out Zac's FB pics and came across this bike. It was Zac's own project bike, he would only sell to Larry if Larry was super serious. A deal was struck where Zac would assist on modifications and assembly since Larry was in the middle of another car project, running his club, travelling . . . Larry had a vision and his buddies helped him pull it off. Larry switched up the tank and did all the mods to it and Matt the youngest member of his club did all the body work on it, awesome job getting a really beat tank ready for paint. Steve from HotRod Hell laid down the crazy flake job as per Larry's specs. Zac continued work on the bike, Jason re-laced the newly powder coated rims, Larry stole the springer from Zac's cousins bike and there you have it. The bike debuted at the 3rd Annual Bottom Feeders Show. Congrats Larry, let me know if I missed anything! larry_7 This bike is special for me because it used to be Zac's project bike. He put it aside to help me with my Ironhead build. I remember going to his place on cool winter days (notice the propane heater in the pic below) and just look at how tight and cool the stance was on the bike. I didn't know anything back then, it really inspired me to research and learn about how bikes hang together and why some look so good. Here's a pic below of how I remember if from before. Thanks Zac for everything. zacs_bike_3

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