February 20, 2011


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Inspiration - Matt Olsen 52 WR

I think everyone who is into 45's has seen this Matt Olsen 1952 WR that he did for his friend Dave. Matt made a post on his blog this morning with a link to Joseph Emmett Mielke Photography (www.bigjoephoto.com). There are 162 beautiful photos of this bike posted which you can zoom into original file sizes. I shamefully screen capped 4 photos and posted here. I couldn't control myself. Sorry Joe, if you see this post and want me to remove please let me know. Matt's blog is one of my favorites, he posts about all the work he does and about his father's work at Carl's Cycle Supply. It's amazing stuff. I'm pretty much screwed now, I'll be looking at these pics all day and probably all the time for a long time! matt_wr_1 matt_wr_2 matt_wr_3 matt_wr_4

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