Who is Jason Parker?

This is probably the question I get most often from the blog. I make a lot of posts and have taken many photos of Jason Parker, his bikes, builds and parts. To me, Jason is a good friend and one out of the small handful of local guys around me that is really into vintage bikes and choppers. Out of everyone, I think we share a very similar outlook and vision for bikes. But for me I'm a newbie, I've only been at it for a few years and am still soaking in all the information I can. I like the aesthetics, look and feel of a bike and have great respect for the mechanics of them and always hope to learn more. Jason on the other hand has been living and breathing this stuff for many years, he's a young guy that's had a shop (Jason Parker Race Cars - JPRC) open for 2 decades already! He eats, sleeps and breathes cars and bikes. Jake has been working on Jason's website, please check it out if you need to get hold of Jason. Lots of the photos on my blog are also there for viewing. I'll have to do a more in depth post or Q and A with Jason in the future but for now, check out www.jasonparkerracecars.com. jason_wrench_1 jprc_site

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