For Sale: Honda Hornet

My buddy Al has got one of his trusty daily rides up for sale. Please see what he has to say about it below or better yet, email him with any questions at:, he'll be riding it to the Soul Seekers show for anyone that want a first hand look. He also passed along some other cool pics, thought I'd share. Check it out. "It's a 2004 Honda 599 a.k.a. Honda "Hornet". It's a reliable and fast street weapon but also designed with long haul ergonomics in mind. My longest day on it is 1212kms!!! I'm riding it to Soul Seekers so if anyone wants to check it out in person it'll be there. I'm looking to sell it or possibly trade for an Evo Sportster if the opportunity presents itself." img00102-20110918-1844 "As far as the other pics go.....that was just some stuff in the garage that I'd never pieced together. Looks kinda neat. BCS plunger frame, swap meet springer, and a tank I stumbled upon a few weeks ago. To bad I don't have the Triumph motor to go in there." img00103-20110918-1900 img00105-20110918-1902

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