Soul Seekers - JPRC Arrives

Things started to come alive when Jason and the guys showed up from JPRC with the 5 bikes for the show. Jason brought a really healthy mix of bikes to show the diversity that he's capable of. Great to see all the different styles coming from one individual. If there was more room we might have seen his Honda digger, Indian or 45. I had a chance to sneak some shots of a few bikes in front to the graffiti, I'll share some of those later on. jprc_bikes_here_-2 jprc_bikes_here_-3 jprc_bikes_here_-4 jprc_bikes_here_-1 jprc_bikes_ready_-4 jprc_bikes_ready_-1 jprc_bikes_ready_-2 jprc_bikes_ready_-3 jprc_bikes_ready_-5

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