Soul Seekers - Showtime!

The event had people coming in and out throughout the evening. It was a really good crowd, no attitude and a lot of appreciation for the photography and the bikes on display. At this point, I started to take some random photos of the show which I'll share later on, I'm not one to stick a camera in someones face but for now here are some random crowd shots to end today's posts. Thanks again to all the sponsors for making the show happen! Great to see everyone and thanks to all who approached me about the blog and the pics! showtime_-1 showtime_-2 showtime_-3 showtime_-4 showtime_-5 showtime_-6 showtime_-7 showtime_-8 showtime_-9

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September 18, 2014

It was a great show and a great turnout.

I dig your blog too. We don’t have enough vintage chopper blogs here in Toronto.

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