Happy Canadian Thanksgiving

"The guy taking the pics is never in the pics", was not the case yesterday. My wife came along with me to Jason's place and did a little shooting of the shooting. Jason and I both had to be places in the evening but thought it would be fun to mess around for an hour or so and take some quick photos of the 62 again before it's on it's way. The first 4 photos are take by my wife of me trying to look I like I've got a handle on things! Last 3 shots are a few that came out interesting. For the riding shots, we didn't have time to set up properly, just took a few without switching shutter speeds and panning so it looks like Jason isn't even moving but he's actually hauling it! O.k. that's all for this weekend, have a Happy thanksgiving! hon_shotting_-3 hon_shotting_-4 hon_shotting_-1 hon_shotting_-2 62_profile_-6 62_profile_-3 62_riding_-3

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Don T.
Don T.

September 18, 2014

Nice pics Hon, look forward to an update every morning over breakfast. Can’ t wait to see the bike in person. Your pics keep me going until Christmas man, keep it up.

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