November 14, 2011

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Denis, new camera and hard at work, some spy shots

Denis got himself a sweet new cam and decided to share some spy shots of his upcoming bike. SS HCI frame castings, Imperial finned cover and sweet air cleaner. He's busy polishing. "Sand, polish, sand, again . . . Drink ;-(, Slowly getting there!". Nice, we'll get together soon my friend! denis_polish 001 000001

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September 18, 2014

Thanks Hon!
Yes that is the castings single loop in Stainless Steel. Top Quality products .
Be warned the SS version requires a tremendous amount of time to sand down and polish out.
Police Siren is my Carb Cover , Backing plate is vented to allow good air flow.
Primary cover took about a month of evenings to Polish up!
Hmmm? Chrome or leave Polished???

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