December 18, 2011


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Hong Kong - Sai Kung

Flashback to Hong Kong during this last trip to Asia. It was difficult to travel into the hustle of Hong Kong with a small baby, so we headed out to Sai Kung often where it was more quiet and roomy for a family. Here are some night shots from one evening. Some copy about Sai Kung from wiki, - "Having evolved from a fishing village, it is a paradise for seafood lovers, locals and foreign tourists alike. Visitors can stroll along the waterfront of Sai Kung Town or explore the lanes of the old town, visit the Tin Hau Temple, feast on seafood or enjoy different delicacies at Western-style pubs and restaurants." We ate great seafood and then there was a dessert shop in the lane ways that served a cold mango/coconut dessert that looked like a hot rice noodle soup. I got a kick out of that and it hit the spot after a nice dinner with family. saikung_-2 saikung_-1 saikung_-4 saikung_-3 saikung_-6 saikung_-5

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