1938 Oshawa, Ontario, Canada

My buddy Al sent me these beautiful photos and a short note about a few people that are very near and dear to him. Thank you very much for sharing this with me. photo-1 "That's my uncle at 18 years old with the big grin. It was around this time that he was riding with a club that raced all over Ontario. He's still alive and sound of mind. Even though he's into his 90's I'm sure he could tell me every detail about that Indian from the date he bought it to the cost of gaskets at the time. photo-3 He has told me some pretty cool stories not the least of which is about the girl in her riding outfit on his right arm. She is 17 there and became his wife later this same year. He's quite proud of the fact that after their wedding she hopped on the back of that bike and off they rode to Wasaga Beach to watch the races. 100 miles on mostly unpaved roads, to watch motorcycle races in the sand with a bunch of guys for their honeymoon! She was a keeper....for 72 years. photo-4 The 16 year old girl wearing the dress on his left arm became his sister-in-law.....my grandmother. I'm sure her early exposure to bikes and the fun she and her sisters had paved the way for her unwavering support of my riding. It wasn't long after these photos were taken that he and the guys in the club enlisted in the military together. Off they went to Europe and the rest is history." photo-5 "Smiles for miles, eh?" - Al

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September 18, 2014

hey, I got those dog bones too!

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