Jason - Motor Building Mania

I haven't been able to get out to the shop lately but keep regular contact with Jason. He's on a Motor building rampage. Lucas's Pan photos grabbed from Jason's FB page. He's done like a dozen motors since December and still has a whole bunch more on the way. 292169_10151472086160580_592780579_23600018_1948508619_n 544831_10151472086025580_592780579_23600016_1714676405_n 557675_10151472086265580_592780579_23600021_1704229050_n 563030_10151472086560580_592780579_23600027_1390359457_n 578039_10151472086810580_592780579_23600033_1699853352_n 576272_10151472087570580_592780579_23600042_495942819_n 535383_10151472087650580_592780579_23600044_1789725488_n

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