September 09, 2012


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Shinya - Cannonball

Following Shinya and Niimie on their Cannonball ride again this year. Love the posts on Shinya's blog. Looks like they need some help now, here's the latest post: "need some help!!! does anybody can or know anybody who can lend us a TIG welder in Milwaukee area? we need to weld a valve guide. or anybody has a valve guide for 1915 indian, please let us know! (we already got some well known contacts from our fellow cannonballers)" If you can help, visit Shinya's blog and contact them. 25d047be-ec5b-4ca5-be9f-f7c47ed9ef44 5cd08bcb-b88c-4e45-9956-c3549159936a 75fbb48e-1c17-4af1-9b85-c501ec7ae3b1

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