Preserving History

Stole pic from Jason's instagram - @panheads_forever , he acquired some very heavy artifacts for anyone who's into choppers. Couldn't have gone to a better person, Great home for these great historical items. Thanks Jason for coming this stuff alive and close to us! I'll let Jason's post some it up: "This is the original cover art for the first 5 "choppers" magazines by big daddy Ed Roth ... I purchased these from a art dealer in long beach last week , I have been trying to get all 27 choppers mags over the last ten years , I'm only short 1 now .. Stumbled on these in my search, I freaked the fuck out that I have these I can't look or even think about these without tearing up, they are photos with the logos glued on and that's Ed Roth's hand writing... So that middle bottom row one is what became the first ever chopper magazine in the world .. Think about that .. #edroth #bigdaddyedroth #chopperhistory" edrothchoppers2

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