May 11, 2015


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Back from vacation

It's family first for me. Out on vacation but always have bikes on my mind . . . back to reality now. 

December 31, 2014


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Happy New Year Everyone! - Thank You

I'd like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and all the best for 2015. Thank you very much to everyone that's ever visited the blog/site over the years, shared comments and kind words or not so kind words. Also to the designers that created some fantastic artwork for the 2014 Throttle. Collab series, this apparel has made it's rounds around the world to places far and near. I hope to be able to keep posting and to make more great items available to everyone, Happy New Year! - Hon


October 30, 2014


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Short Vid on Keith Weesner

I got a Press Release email from Atomic Hot Rods - Brian Darwas releases short film on artist Keith Weesner.

Check out the short clip, great to have a look into Keith's workspace, have a read below of the release as well, exactly why it was an honor to have Keith design a Throttle. Collab tee!


Brian Darwas
- Brian Darwas releases short film on artist Keith Weesner.
Film maker Brian Darwas currently produces feature length documentaries on Hot Rod and Motorcycle Culture.  All of which have gone on to win awards, and have been well received.  He's now changing things up a bit, making a handful short films that anyone can share freely.  
"I feel it's important to our scene that high quality moving images, which can both awe and inspire, are available to anyone at anytime.  My goal is to reach the younger generation.  The generation of people who grew up on the Internet, and turn to it as a source of new ideas and inspiration.  I'd like to instill in them the notion that hot rods, motorcycles, and building stuff by hand is still cool and relevant." ~ Brian Darwas
When asked why he chose to film Keith Weesner, Brian Darwas had this to say:
"Artists often come and go. Very few have what it takes to make it through the hard living that comes with earning no money while trying to establish yourself. . . and as if constantly creating something new and exciting wasn't hard enough, you also have to pay your dues and prove to the world that you're the real thing. That you're not just somebody who came along to latch on and make a quick buck.
Keith Weesner is just that, the real thing. His love for Hot Rods, Customs, and the general Culture that surrounds it all speaks for itself through his art. The paintings he paints and the cars he builds and drives. He's been doing this a long time and it shows. He didn't fade away when the going got tough, and he's been doing it before it was cool." ~ Brian Darwas
Each film will run anywhere from two, to five minutes.  Once completed, they will be shared freely via the Internet, social media, etc. . . So, please share and help spread the word.
Direct link to video clip:


September 27, 2014


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Throttle. X Artist Collab Series

Throttle. X Artist Collab Series

The things you love and hold dear to your heart always come full circle. Like great friends, you don’t need to call each other everyday, but when you reach out, you just pick up where you left off and you know they’ve always got your back. Ever since I can remember, I’ve been attracted to the design and aesthetics of things. This attraction is like a good friend to me. As soon as I could hold a pencil I tried to capture the things around me. I recall getting written up in the local papers for copying the Yamoto from Star Blazers when I has in kindergarten. By no means was it a great composition, but boy did I love drawing it.

Throttle. blog is also very near to my heart. I’m guilty of neglecting it and jumping on the other platform our community has embraced (instagram: @throttlefmc), but I’ve been meaning to help “bring back the blogs” and do it in a big way. So after 6 years of just posting, the Throttle. blog has received a long overdue refresh and is celebrating this by collaborating with 4 great artists to release the 2014 Throttle. X Artist Collab series.

Each selected artist has a style that is unique and special. It’s an honour to share these exclusive pieces of art with everyone in the form of very limited runs of Throttle. tees. This seasons collabs feature, Keith Weesner, GRIMB, FustyWorks and Adam Nickel.

Throttle. X Weesner

Painter & Illustrator, Keith Weesner ( needs no introduction. His work speaks for itself and reflects his passion for car culture, vampy women, cinematic settings and brooding characters. All of his original pieces are easily identifiable and tell a story to me. It was a pleasure to work with him on his Throttle. X Artist Collab tee. Keith is naturally a car guy so drawing motorcycles can sometimes be a challenge. He was reminded that bikes are dangerous and can kill, . . .  your brain, if you try to draw them! The result of his hard work after 4 cracks at hand drawing the bike is just stunning. I couldn’t be happier.


Throttle. X GRIMB

GRIMB Krazy Painting ( from Nara, Japan, is a true artist that takes great pride in his craft. His work and influence can be seen throughout the Japanese Hot Rod and Chopper scene. I’ve been a fan for many years and was overjoyed to have him contribute to the Throttle. X Artist Collab series. I asked him to put his spin on “Panheads Forever”. The composition and precision of work is mindblowing. The result is a beautiful one shot hand painted piece of artwork on black acrylic board that now sits in my shop. This original board is the source of the screens used to produce this Tee. I can’t stop staring at this artwork.


Throttle. X FustyWorks

As a fan for many years of the Japanese blogs of our genre, I kept seeing postings of these beautiful classically precise inked and outlined pieces of artwork. They were drawn by the hand of the talented Ken Sugihara of FustyWorks ( out of Yokohama, Japan. It was when I saw his recent works for Jeff Deckers Hippodrome Garments that I made the connection and approached him to collaborate on his Throttle. X Artist piece. Ken’s boardtrack racer oozes his old-fashioned approach and for me is that snapshot in time where as a rider you become one with your machine.


Throttle. X Adam Nickel 2.0

This is Adam Nickel’s ( second Collab Tee for Throttle. His own 50’s illustration style shines through in this piece. I asked him to capture the feeling of riding or the meaning of Throttle. He blew me away by taking it even a step further back, to a simpler time, the “initial spark” that has caught us all, the moment passion for choppers lays its hooks in on us. There’s a certain charm about this piece that keeps me looking back.


I’ve now got that same feeling again as when I was 13 or 14 years old, sitting in front of my parents home on a curb I’d waxed looking at skateboard graphics and loving every minute of it. Thanks to these gentlemen for taking me back to that time. Let me know what you all think, I hope you love the work as much as I do - Throttle. X Artist Collabs 2014.