Dan Collins & Mark Drews

Still looking at pics from last year. Dan Collins and Mark Drews in Yokohama. dc_yokohama_ md_dc_yokohama_

Mark Drews - '39 UL

Only got the latest Street Chopper today. First feature of Mark Drews UL is great. Made me think of last year in Japan. mark_ul7 mark_ul3_ mark_ul5_ mark_ul2_ mark_ul6_1 mark_ul6_2 md_ul_

Speedball emblem

Plain and simple. Shot in Yokohama HRCS 2011. emblem_

Yokohama HRCS - Indian

My head is in 2011, awesome Indian shot in Yokohama last year. indian_1 indian_2 indian_3

Yokohama - Flanders

Looks great. Another bike from my trip last year. flanders_1 flanders_2

Yokohama - Heiwa MC

Looking at all the Joints photos going up. Can't help but to think of my Yokohama trip last year, long gone but still lots of unposted photos. Here are a few of this beautiful bike from Heiwa MC. norton_heiwa_1 norton_heiwa_2 norton_heiwa_3 norton_heiwa_4 norton_heiwa_5
March 31, 2012

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Rear tire

From the Yokohama show of course! tire_

Bigtwin flatty

Shinsuke Takizawa sans Flatty if I'm not mistaken. I like the second pic, I can see my bro with the Mooneyes press vest. bt_flatty_1 bt_flatty_2 bt_flatty_3 bt_flatty_4 bt_flatty_5 bt_flatty_6


I wish I was there to see Gak and the Hawgholic crew ride in. Oh well, another photo in the underground parking. hawgholic_

More from the Underground

It doesn't get much better than this. Another cool 45 in the underground parking at last years Yokohama HRCS. yoko_underground45_1 yoko_underground45_2 yoko_underground45_3
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