Road to Mooneyes – A very pleasant surprise

I've finally settled in and should be able to make some posts of my trip to the Mooneyes show in Yokohama. First stop is Hong Kong for a few days. My cousin knew this was our first time flying with our baby girl so she tried to upgrade us to First Class. We got put on a waiting list and it wasn't until 2 minutes before boarding that the airline let us know we had received an upgrade. What a nice surprise and fantastic experience. It really made our trip start of with a bang and eased the stressed. Check out the last pic, the baby gear taking over! Thanks M. for the help and to all the other passengers in the front that had to put up with my little girl! executive_first_-1 executive_first_-2 executive_first_-3 executive_first_-4 executive_first_-5 executive_first_-6 executive_first_-7

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