Mooneyes - In one word - "Unbelievable"

hon_overhead Well, I’m back in Hong Kong now for five more days before returning to Toronto, Canada, and it’s taken me a full day to realize what I just took part in this weekend. For those of you who don’t know Mooneyes, check out the US and Japan sites. Mooneyes Japan just put on their 20th Hot Rod Custom Show in Yokohama Japan. I have to say hands down, it was by far the best show I have ever attended, definitely the pound for pound champ in this genre. The quality of machinery on display, and in the parking lots just blew my mind. The amount of vintage bikes and vehicles being ridden as daily rides was unbelievable. Knuckles, pans, flatheads, shovels . . . around every corner! hon_package_ The Mooneyes team were gracious hosts and executed a flawless event in my books. Thanks again to Steve for helping me and my brother get settled in. It made the weekend a memorable experience that will stay with us forever and change the way I look at this hobby and past time we all share. I’m really not sure where to start in terms of posts, so I posted an overhead shot I took of the show, about half the floor early in the day. I’ll start to work through my weekend and agenda at the show with blog posts over the next few days. My schedule went something like this: Dec 3rd – Morning – Getting to the Pan Pacific Hotel from my brothers home – Afternoon – Checking into the event and getting our packet from Steve @ Mooneyes – Mid Afternoon – Meeting people and checking out the setup day activities – Back to the hotel to shoot some Yokohama cityscape – Attend the Mooneyes Little Get Together Party – Attend the DicE party at The Bridge in Motomachi Dec 4th – Get at 7:30am to take photos of the displays – Go “back stage” to shoot photos before the guests “drove” in – Go visit the outdoor parking and underground garage – Soak in the show – Leave a little early to catch a train out to hang with my brother and family in Japan Dec 5th – Narita Temple – Back to Hong Kong Posts will be coming out of sequence and in no particular order but hopefully this break down gives an idea of what it was like at the show. My time was spent 50% behind a camera and 50% meeting fellow enthusiasts that inspire me and always leave me in awe and amazement with their work. I’ll leave this post with two closing pics that have me in it shooting photos "back stage" before the guests rode into the show. hon_guests_ hon_ridein_

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