Mooneyes - Bear Parts Co.

It's always great to know that you will bump into someone you know when you go to a foreign land. It was good to see Adam Nickel and his wife at the show. I've actually never met him in person but we are definitely on the same wave length. He did the beautiful illustration for the first Throttle. blog tshirt which people seem to connect with. I had to run early so I didn't have a chance to say goodbye but I'm sure our paths will cross again. Check out Bear Parts Co. for Adam's cool Bates replica seats and p-pads. Also below is a cool vid he put together of the show. Catch up with you soon Adam! bear_parts_co-1 bear_parts_co-2

Mooneyes Yokohama Hotrod Custom Show 2011 from Adam Nickel on Vimeo.

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