Mooneyes - Jeff Decker @ Hippodrome Studio

I've been writing about meeting with fellow enthusiasts throughout my Yokohama posts. Jeff Decker has a wealth of motorcycle knowledge and for sure is one of the most well respected enthusiasts in our community. It made my day to find out that he's down to earth and was just as excited to be in Japan as I was. We had the chance to have several brief conversations over the course of 2 days about random stuff - his "stroller crossing" techniques, his WR racer, and the experience of being at the show. Nice meeting with you Jeff, looking forward to running into you again in the future. jeff_decker_-6 jeff_decker_-5 jeff_decker_-7 jeff_decker_-4 jeff_decker_-2 jeff_decker_-3 jeff_decker_-1

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